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Just an ordinary day at the college.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011
Good evening!

Ah, I feel so good today! For no special reason, but I really feel great! Although it has been very, very cold here the past few days, I have to say I enjoy it A LOT. Because when it's cold, you can always put on some warm colds, but when it's way too hot, what do you do? Sleep in a fridge? No, just kidding, I'm simply enjoying the favorite time of the year! :) Oh, you know what else made my day? These two videos I've put down there. It's so funny, but mostly because it's true. I caught myself saying most of these things so so many times! That guy's really a great actor! :) I especially love the end of the first video, where she's stuffing all those chips into her mouth without even blinking! Ah, just see what I'm talking about!

And there are some nice photos I made today at college.. I know, I've been talking about documenting the life of an architecture student about two months ago, but it didn't turn out as I planned, so that is why I'm starting this late.. So sorry guys. But anyways, I'll try to do that more often now. For real. :)

Here are the shots from today's drawing class... It was so fun! I love playing the paparazzi. Fun, fun, fun! Enjooohooy!

See you very sooooooooon!


  1. OMG so glad I found episode 2 through you, I love those! lol and those shots of your fellow students are so cute!

  2. Okay I have seen these videos so many times and I still have to watch it every time I see it again. It seriously makes my whole day. And LOVE those photos wow! Happy Wednesday!