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Snow and happiness.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Good evening friends! How has your week been so far? 
Mine has been, well, let's say pretty busy. But this is kind of stress that I actually enjoy a lot, since it's something that I love doing... It takes a lot of commitment and devotion, and also time to finish all projects, but it's the profession I chose to do, and to be honest - I couldn't be any happier.

I remember when I started my architecture studies about half a year ago, it was a pretty complicated time for me, if this is the right thing, right choice, and right kind of life that I want for myself. But as more time passed I started to enjoy what I was doing, and I became more sure with every single day that THIS is THE thing I am supposed to do.

So, I definitely feel like I'm on the right track... And I couldn't be happier!

How do you feel about things that you are doing? Are you lucky enough to say you can do your dream job? Or what are your plans? I'm so curious to know! :)
And by the way, we all thought that the winter started to slowly fade away here, but it was snowing here today! And I was actually pretty happy about it, since I think it's still time for snow... But well, it stopped now, and instead it's raining... But I love rainy weather, always have...

Happy Thursday friend!


  1. Wooow, these images look really amazing! And I don't doubt that one day you'll be as amazing as those architects who did this...

    And those pictures that you've made are simply beautiful... I wish we still had some snow too...

    Well, I've studied psychology and am working with kids in an elementary school. I really love my job and couldn't ask for anything else! Maybe someday later I'll choose to do something else, but for now it's okay. :D

  2. Wow these buildings look truly amazing! Can't wait to see until you make such masterpieces! :D

  3. Oh, I forgot... Well, I'm a stewardess, and I really love my job, since I get to see so many different places and meet all kinds of people.. I really love it. Maybe someday we'll get to meet each other on a flight! Would be great! Have a nice day sweetheart!

  4. wow.....they are great...... i'm also an architecture student. i also like what i'm doing cos i believe i'm going to help others especially the homeless with this profession. all the best

  5. Wooow! I love Vienna! I've been there years ago, and it was so wonderful... And you are also taking awesome pictures! :D Happy Sunday Aleksandra!